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Ballou Football Coach Jason Lane recounts days as Go-Go musician | News

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Ballou Football Coach Jason Lane recounts days as Go-Go musician

WASHINGTON (WUSA 9) -- Jason Lane is very comfortable banging out tunes on a piano and barking out orders on the gridiron, but why is the coach of a 3-4 football team in such good spirits? Easy, Jason Lane is at peace.

"It's safe to say I am at home," said Lane.

Home is Ballou. Lane graduated from the school in Southeast in 1988 and then the odyssey began.

The piano man was once the drummer boy of the DC famed Junkyard Band. In Go-go style, Lane played buckets, that's right, buckets, along with traditional percussion. In the late 80's and 90's the band often packed the Capital Centre.

"We had a string of runs that was phenomenal," remembered Lane, who also played with megastars like MC Hammer and Heavy D & the Boyz.

In 1994, it was time for a change. Lane became officer Lane, on the same streets in which he grew up. It was a steadier lifestyle, but the coach said he was morally conflicted.

"I felt more comfortable helping kids as opposed to putting them behind bars," said Lane.

And so officer Lane became Coach Lane, and headed back home to Ballou where it all began. It's not the glamorous life, no turf field, just a down home community park.

His current players weren't even born when he was living his former life, but for Lane that's alright. They don't have to know his previous life, just his current one. 

Lane's not locking young men up anymore. His focus is on helping his players get to college. 

As Ballou lineman Levon Livingston-Junior said, "He's life giving, he gives life."

Jason Lane has come home.