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Metro Hired Bus Driver with Several Traffic Violations | News

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Metro Hired Bus Driver with Several Traffic Violations

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- How many traffic violations are too many to become a Metrobus driver? It's a question 9News is asking WMATA after Wednesday's arrest of a Metrobus driver for his alleged involvement in the murder of a Centreville man in May 2010.  43-year-old Stacy Reed has been fired from WMATA and charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.  But it's his driving record that's creating even more questions.

Reed had at least thirteen traffic violations before he was hired to be a Metrobus driver back in August:

Prince George's County
  • 1990 Failure to Prevent Load on Highway from Becoming Loose
  • 1990 Driving Vehicle in Excess Weight
  • 1990 Unsafe Tires
  • 1990 Unsafe Tires
  • 1990 Driving Vehicle in Excess Weight
  • 1990 Batteries Not Covered 

 Prince William County

  • 2002 Defective Equipment
  • 2009 Disregard a Red Light
  • 2009 Failure to Obey Traffic Signal 

Fairfax County

  • 2002 Following Too Closely
  • 2007 Improper Control/Driving
  • 2007 Learner's Permit Violation
  • 2010 Driving Under Revoked/Suspension

WMATA officials declined to comment on camera, but the transit agency did release the following statement:

"Background screenings are performed on all candidates for employment with Metro. Accordingly, Mr. Reed's background screening was performed, analyzed and provided no indication of criminal history that would preclude him from employment with Metro."

WMATA officials also say that they only check the last ten years of a candidate's driving record. Therefore, Reed's six citations in Prince George's County were never considered when he applied for employment.